About us

About us


Our story

Kube Video is a video company created by Sam Dawson and David Jones. A partnership that started in 2010 after bonding over their love for video content and cameras. The company grew a foundation of clients whilst Sam was at university in Bournemouth studying Digital Media. It was in 2015, when Sam and David set up the company more formally in Bournemouth.

Today, we are based from our studios in Bristol. We have 2 studios here, one where we edit & work from, and another infinity cove studio where we shoot from.

We specialise in shorter form, promotional advertising content, but over the years have produced a range of content and styles, for a number of clients, including Pure Electric, Audiio, eBay, LaCie Drive, My PT Hub, Tailfin, and many others.

What sets us apart?

Adaptable to your brand.
Every business is different - different goals, different styles, different ways of working. Understanding this, and being adaptable is an essential part of this video company.
We’re a small team, and that’s how we like it.
Small is easily manageable. Small means good communication. Small means flexibility around who we hire for your production.
We get it, You want to look good infront of your audience. Our equipment and experience ensures the image looks as good as you want it to.
The team

Some stuff about Sam

Been making videos since 12 years old. I would prove it, but they’re too embarrassing. Maybe later. Totally fascinated by everything video. Totally distracted by everything video. Love new technology. Film a lot of video. Take a lot of photos. Never enough Mexican food in my life. Used to be able to play Bohemian Rhapsody on the piano. Love Billy.

I direct and produce short form commercial content for brands and companies. I also want to share everything I've learnt and inspire people to create something.

www.samdawson.co.uk - This is my personal site where you can see my other work.

Sam Dawson
Dave Jones

Some stuff about Dave

I rarely get cold. Or colds. A harsh winter might warrant a jumper, but unlikely. Avid podcast listener. Filming things is definitely my Zen. Love all of the animals… except spiders. Helpfully have 20/20 vision. Think I have a mild OCD thing going on. Dream destination = Japan. Bought a Ford Capri when I was 17… put it through a hedge. Working towards a realistic work/life balance. Always find it hard to switch off. Swimming helps.