LaCie Collective

COLLECTIVE is a platform created by LaCie Technology, a storage company owned by Seagate. COLLECTIVE is a platform for filmmakers to engage with other filmmakers, enter competitions, and watch films uploaded by its members.

We first connected with COLLECTIVE when our director, Sam Dawson, won a competition he entered at LaCie. He entered his film “I Just want to make something”, and later built a rapport with LaCie, and the UK agency they use ‘Commit’. After liking the style of the film we entered, they asked us to produce the launch film for their new platform COLLECTIVE. The style of film they wanted for it, the energy, it was exactly more of the kind of work we were excited to produce.

Since then, Sam, with help from David, has continued to produce monthly videos for the platform - hyping up competitions and encouraging people to enter. See COLLECTIVE’s Youtube channel for these videos.

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