This project involved 3 days of pre-production, 6 days of filming and 10 days of editing. The main aim of the video was to showcase the AeroPack, a new product from Tailfin. It’s a premium product, for cycling enthusiasts, that allows you to pack your gear aerodynamically. It’s designed to be sturdy, light, and unnoticeable when riding.

Within the initial meetings with Nick Broadbent (CEO of Tailfin), we learnt about the number of features of the AeroPack, and the different versions they planned on selling. Spending time in pre-production amending and developing a script is arguably the most important part of the production. Being organised and having a clear vision for the output will help avoid any problems.

We shot at a number of locations including the Gower in South Wales, the Brecon Beacons, and Bristol. For the outdoor shoots, we had our DP, David Morgan Jones, sat in the front end of an electric bike, which allowed him to easily shoot the AeroPack.
The post-production process had to be wrapped up in a matter of weeks. Nick was keen to launch the campaign in early summer, so we worked tirelessly to meet this deadline.
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