Movem have been a client we’ve worked with since 2013, and it’s amazing to see how far they’ve come in such a short amount of time. The CEO of Movem, Peter Ramsey, has always liked the style of content we produced, and this video wanted the same energy he’s seen in previous projects.

Something important to note for this video, is how it’s solely targeted at people in the industry. Movem is now a B to B company, so there may be some terminology in the video that doesn’t make sense to an everyday viewer.

Movem has recently been acquired by Homelet, the biggest property referencing company in the UK. With multiple launch events coming up promoting the news, Movem and Homelet thought it would be good to have a video promoting this move and the future of the company.

We worked through multiple versions of the script, tested a number of audio tracks. We also tested the idea of using an actor to deliver the core of the script, in the end this didn’t feel right, so we ended up using Pete instead – it felt more honest, since he’s the man behind Movem.
The post-production process was quick, we had around 2-3 days to pull everything together after the shoot. Luckily, we were aware of this going into the project, so we had done a lot of the animation elements before the shoot. Have a watch of the video, and the IG story video too for a look into the behind the scenes.
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